Usually our projects start out with ourselves being the client!

We got fed up with the monotonous and boring housing around us. Thus we decided to create the perfect surroundings for ourselves, instead of the commercial compromise for large groups of people. We find this inspiring, it makes our lives more adventurous and we hope to inspire other people.

We created our own ship to live on, a perfect fusion of a mobile apartment, office and holiday home. After exploring our own country for a year, we drove it from Rotterdam to Stockholm where it was sold. The ship-design won the Dutch Design Award in 2007 in the category Best Consumer Design. We have built 3 more of these GetAway MACHINES since.

After we sold the ship we designed and built our house with an integrated office: a black wooden barn-style building that’s built around a patio. This house is the backbone of our life and work: an inspirational place where we make new designs and develop new projects.

Our latest project is the development of small houses that we rent out successfully as holiday homes through our own platform GetAway DELUXE. We also sell these small houses for private use.

If you like to rent, buy, invest, build a house or want something else from us, call us or send us an email!


Arno Schuurs
+31 (0)6 2035 1140

Paulien van Noort
+31 (0)6 3484 3431


Credits photography & production
Qocoon House - Margriet Hoekstra & Barbara Natzijl
Qabin 01 GetAway Deluxe - Annelore photography
Qrooz -Arie Kievit, Kamer 465