The Qocoon House is a courtyard house, a large flexible space situated around a private garden. It's a smart, low budget and prefab concept that blends into any environment. It's just a matter of putting the right coat on. The prototype was built as a country-style barn house with black Larch planks and a cement plate roof. Because of it's blind walls on 3 sides it fits on any size of yard with a minimum of 400m2.

The courtyard is the center space of the house that provides light, fresh air and energy, offers privacy and security and permits you to enjoy the weather even on windy winter days. The courtyard is your private garden to relax in, enjoy breakfast or have an afternoon nap. The outer walls have more functions then structure and thermal isolation. These walls are also storage spaces and provide space for ventilation pipes on top and water and electrical piping on the bottom. They are easy accessible and provide space for kitchen, toilets and bathrooms.

For the prototype we used mostly raw materials: untreated oregon pine, untreated black steal, black pigmented concrete and multiplex walls finished with Farrow & Ball colors. This gives the house a rough and yet warm look and feel.

The building of a Qocoon House starts at 1.000 Euro per m2, excl VAT.

The Qocoon House was featured in VT Wonen Binnenkijken nr 6 2016. Click here for the article.

Photography: Margriet Hoekstra Photography
Styling: Barbara Natzijl Boulevard B